Meet Oscar

One cat is enough for us. At least that is what I thought until May this year (2016). Arthur , who you have already met and I were sitting watch TV together.  Yes some cats like to watch TV.   Sometimes he sleep while I watch but on this occasion we were both watching.

We could hear a strange noise, like a baby crying.   I turned down the volume on the TV and Arthur and I looked at each other. Yes there were distressing whimpers coming from out side.   I went out to our screened room on the side of the house and looked out.   There before me was a tiny little kitten, crying mournfully.   That might not seem strange to you but it was to me.   Arthur is an indoor cat and for very good reason. Our neighborhood is full of dogs and most of them are left to wander the area.   To find a kitten that had not been teared to strips by one of the local muts was just a plain miracle.

I opened the door to go get the poor thing but Arthur got there before me.   He dashed out the door and fear went to my throat. Would Arthur tear him to shreds?   No.   He dashed over to him sat down and started licking the poor distressed creature.   I stood there dumbfounded.   Arthur’s few introductions to other cats had never gone well.  Fur usually flied along with most of us suffering scratches and other injuries.

So  I picked the poor little thing up and brought him in and Arthur never left my side.  Its only natural that we would keep him.  How many other cats go and pick out there own pet? Well Arthur did and we are extremely proud of him.   Hubby was away but soon learn of Oscars arrival.  In fact he suggested Oscars name.   Needless to say I now have 2 muses when I sit down to write and I am so happy that I do.

For those concerned that he might have belonged to someone, he didn’t.   No microchip. No responses on Facebook or our local radio.  Due to the condition that he was in, dirty and starving, we deduced that someone dumped him.   He was too loving to be feral.

So now he’s ours. He has had his shots and has been micro-chipped and is like Arthur, an indoor cat. And life has never been so good.