I need my Cat

Arthur is my wonderful cat. And I need him. He listens to me, as I discuss my characters with him. He listens when I read something out loud. He looks at me with disgust when it does not sound just right.

Cats can be very therapeutic. Perhaps that is why I love him so much.

How did I get this gorgeous boy to join our happy little family? I was very sad having lost a dear friend who passed away unexpectedly. I had also found being home alone disconcerting. Why?  I had dropped from my full time job back to part time. That part time was great but adjusting took its time. The house seemed very empty. Hubby could see that I needed something. He thought Arthur might do the trick. A friend had a kitty that had just had kittens so Arthur was spotted and claimed.

Why do you have pets and do you love them as much as I love Arthur? Big ask I know.Arthur 2 nThis is Arthur just after we got him.IMG_0475This is my Arthur today. He’s a beautiful boy.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on your pets and Arthur of course.


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